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Horaplantsoen 20, 6717 LT Ede PO Box 7001, 6710 CB Ede The Netherlands  T +31 (0)318 648 596  F +31(0)318 648 591  M info@smartlearning-apps.com

Minute Learning  

Anytime Anywhere 

Minute Learning is bite-sized smartphone training and reference material packaged up into small, interactive learning modules. It is often the first thing that springs to mind when people think about mobile learning.  

Every employee's personal trainer

Minute Learning revolutionizes how your employees can learn and how you can impact corporate learning. Employees receive adaptive bite-sized High Quality video chunks, of work process information, delivered fast and automatically to their corporate SmartLearning App. This reinforces both, what has been learned and your key corporate messages.  Now every employee across the organization can have their own personal trainer, prompting and stimulating them to take action and focus on their success.

Up to the minute smartphone learning

Need to provide your learners with small easy to access pieces of learning, instruction, information, knowledge, anytime, anywhere? Need that content to be downloaded to your learners' smart phones? Need to be sure that your content is secure and not transferable from one mobile device to another? Then you need Smart Learning Apps' 'up to the minute' mobile learning. 




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