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Horaplantsoen 20, 6717 LT Ede PO Box 7001, 6710 CB Ede The Netherlands  T +31 (0)318 648 596  F +31(0)318 648 591  M info@smartlearning-apps.com

Mobile data monitoring application

A mobile data monitoring application is a tool that will help you to easily monitor the usage and performance of your mobile data devices such as smartphones and tablets. A mobile data monitoring application is also capable of giving insights into transferred data amounts. One of the advantages of such a tool is that it will prevent you from exceeding the transfer limits imposed by a data plan. Smart Learning Apps is a Dutch global operating company in the business to business market that is one of the leading online learning companies in the world. You can call upon us for a mobile data monitoring application. But that's not all. We are the proud inventors of Appulse, a high tech app building platform that allows you to build, manage and publish your own app.

It’s hard to build or stay a competitive company without the reach of your mobile workforce and the protection by cloud based security and protocols. You cannot rely on issue devices anymore. Employees want access to corporate information, learning and instruction files on their own tablets and smart phones. while they are on the move. A development which calls for a mobile data monitoring application such as Appulse and other corporate mobile apps. New communication and management tools to get out the best performances without limiting the freedom of mobile workers. Have you ever thought about smartphone app development cost and wondered what does it cost to develop an app? Appulse will keep the cost down without compromise to quality.


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