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Horaplantsoen 20, 6717 LT Ede PO Box 7001, 6710 CB Ede The Netherlands  T +31 (0)318 648 596  F +31(0)318 648 591  M info@smartlearning-apps.com

Mobile learning companies

Today we live in exciting times when it comes to mobile learning. Fuelled by the boom of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and iPads mobile learning companies around the world develop mobile apps for Android and iOS or any other platform that can be used to educate students as well as the workforce.

One of those mobile learning companies is Smart Learning in The Netherlands, which aims to become one of the leading learning management system companies. Mobile learning companies such as Smart Learning Apps enable companies to provide auditory, visual or textual information or directions for their employees on any mobile device through mobile apps.

This is a great resource for employers as they train their employees on the go. Everybody has a smart phone and clever businesses use this fact to their advantage. Employees want access to corporate information, learning and instruction files on their own tablets and smart phones while they are on the move. The possibilities are endless. For example, getting creative with training like recording podcasts for sales reps who are on the road, is an efficient use of time and can boost productivity.

As far as mobile learning companies are concerned Smart Learning operates at the boundaries of new technology. All web based learning management tools are available today with Appulse Mobile Learning. Years of knowledge building, research and technical development resulted in this true multiplatform app publishing system. It offers over the air management of smart phones, tablets and laptops and desktops. With one single, easy to use multi platform publishing system, you and all your workers are updated anytime, anywhere. Easy to use, multi device and platform independent.

Are you interested in finding out more about one of the leading mobile learning companies? Then get in touch with Smart Learning Apps today.


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