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Protocol Training and Testing 

Emergency Response Officer

Do your employees know how to act in case of an incident? What behavior is acceptable and what behavior is absolutely not? What is the norm in your company? Does everybody know what their role and responsibility is? When and where do you simulate incidents? How do you evacuate a building? Should you first apply First Aid on a colleague or extinguish a starting fire? How can you prevent panic and what aftercare is required? In case of an emergency, the knowledge and experience of an emergency response officer, needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

Protocol Testing App Solutions

Safety protocols are also the paramount concern for most airlines, because a slip up or mistake, could cost millions of dollars and destroy hundreds of lives. To this end, airlines often go to extreme ends to ensure the safety of their human cargo. Smart Learning Apps' protocol training and testing solutions can serve as preparation for an emergency course, dealing with intensive training, in practice.


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