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Silicon Valley Business App Awards 2013

Jury Case Study 

Appulse 3.0 by Smart Learning Apps: 


Mobility has brought about a big shift in today’s workplace setup. Employees now have a greater say on where, when and with what devices they want to work.  Organizations are willing to embrace mobility as mobile work force means enhanced productivity at lesser costs.  However, to ensure greater performance organizations need to communicate efficiently with remote workers and help them learn constantly in a business context. 

It is against this backdrop that Smart Learning Apps decided to develop an app which would help organizations deliver interactive learning courses to Tablets, Smartphones, and Desktops, without writing a single line of code. The app would specifically help large corporate share documents, notify employees and train them through direct synchronization. 


The biggest challenge was to build an all-in-one solution for a multi-featured app while addressing incompatibility issues arising due to multiple mobile platforms, OS, browsers. The app interface had to be easy to use and intuitive with the same look and feel in all devices. The other big challenges were to make this app multi-device friendly, platform independent and adaptive enough to stream HD quality video on all types of mobile devices with different capabilities. The hardest part, however, was to develop the Android version of the app. 


It took Smart Learning a year to put its development knowledge together to build a true multi platform app publishing system. The developer first built the app on HTML5 but later built it in native format for Android and iOS to ensure multi-platform compatibility. Continued testing related to OS updates and upgrades finally helped them perfect the app. 

Appulse 3.0 is a comprehensive mobile publishing solution with multiple features tailored to meet corporate needs. As corporate training needs to be customized to best serve business needs, Appulse 3.0 comes equipped with a feature that can be used to incorporate company logo, header, background colors, etc.  Small visually appealing blocks can be used to create captivating training courses. Organizations can also distribute audio or video based information pages to employees. 

The video streaming feature is yet another high point of this app. Companies can leverage it to provide powerful video tutorials with minimum amount of text. The app automatically converts MP4 files, to video format compatible with the respective device platform to make 3G and 4G video streaming hitch-free. 

Besides training employees, organizations also need to track employee learning curve to know about the progress.  With Appulse 3.0, organization’s can create formative and summative tests, set timestamps and multiple competencies or subjects based test norms and get real-time inputs on individual skill development. 

Smart learning provides end-user support through email and track and trace back end information. The developer leveraged Social Media, Google SEO, App Stores to market this revolutionary app 


In the world of mobile learning, Smart Learning Apps is the first company to offer cutting edge innovative technology as a global cloud based solution. For organizations with mobile workforce, the benefits of delivering platform independent and high quality training modules and company updates are manifold. This is precisely why, Appulse 3.0 has had over 100000 downloads and is still going strong.


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